Domain Name Suspension Notice for the Violation of Melbourne IT Ltd Abuse Policy

Melbourne IT is no longer InMotion Hosting’s registrar partner. The instructions in this article no longer apply. Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance with any domain name issues.

Malicious Fake Domain Suspension Email From Melbourne IT

It has come to our attention that malicious persons are sending out fake emails with the subject “Domain Suspension Notice”. The email is created with the intention of tricking the receiver into clicking on a link embedded in the email. This email appears as if it was sent from Melbourne IT, Ltd, which is our registrar partner. The link in the email goes to a malicious website that will attempt to get the visitor to download malicious software that will infect their machine with a virus or other malware.

Email Format

Melbourne IT did NOT send this email, so if you receive it, do not open it or click on the link inside. Below is the typical format of the email.

Subject: Domain [removed] Suspension Notice


Dear Sir/Madam,
The following domain names have been suspended for violation of the Melbourne IT Ltd Abuse Policy:
Domain Name: [removed]Registrar: Melbourne IT Ltd
Registrant Name: [removed]

Multiple warnings were sent by Melbourne IT Ltd Spam and Abuse Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have received. We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to contact you via telephone.

We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our attempts to contact you.

Click here and download a copy of complaints we have received.

Please contact us for additional information regarding this notification.

Melbourne IT Ltd
Spam and Abuse Department
Abuse Department Hotline: 480-195-3050

Again, do not click on the embedded link in the email. The link leads to a site that attempts to infect the visitors machine. Once infected with Trojan or other virus, the people behind them may be able to take control of the infected computers from any location in the world. From there they may be able to spy on the user, obtain personal information, or use the infected machine to commit further crimes.

To help keep your email address private, consider purchasing Domain Privacy at $9.99 per domain per year.

If you have already received the email and clicked on the link, be sure to do a complete scan of your system with antivirus software. If you have none, be sure to install some such as MalwareBytes and run it on your machine. You can also find more programs using this list.

0 thoughts on “Domain Name Suspension Notice for the Violation of Melbourne IT Ltd Abuse Policy

  1. Thank you for posting this warning. We must all work together to stop these scammers and those who support them.

    I belong to the second largest anti fraud website and I would be pleased to post your warning,  however due to an invalid DMCA claim you have suspended us and refuse to correct your unethical act. Thereby actually supporting such scammers like this one.

    We are a customer of one of your sites,  webhostinghub. Once we get back online I would be happy to assist you and post a copy of the scam emails to warn more of your customers. Thank you. Alan james.

    1. Hi Alan James,

      We cannot comment on any personal account issues like suspensions in a public forum. If you feel the suspension is unfounded then you will need to reply to the email or call the Support department to discuss this further.


      Tim S

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