SSL Setup for CubeCart

First, log into Cubecart as the administrator

Go to Store Config ~> General Settings . In the Directories and Folders section, fill in these fields:

Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store:

This will be /~userna5/pathtocubecart/ with ‘userna5‘ being your inmotion username.

Absolute SECURE URL to store:

This will depend on the SSL method you are using.

If using the shared SSL certificate:

is the secure server name of the server you are on. If you are unsure, please refer to your welcome email or contact our support department.

If you have purchased a dedicated SSL Certificate:

Enable SSL: Yes

If any of these settings are incorrect, it will cause your admin section to return an error when accessed again. The only way to correct this is to use the Cubecart config recovery tool, downloadable here:

(Note that this tool will not work with Cubecart 4)

Download and unzip this tool and then upload the resulting files into your cubecart directory. Point your browser to the editconf.php’ file. For example:

Locate the section on thie page for ‘$config[‘ssl’]’ and set the value to ‘0‘. When you go back to your cubecart admin section you can reconfigure SSL. Please be sure to remove this file from your site once you have SSL working, as leaving it publicly assessible is not safe.

0 thoughts on “SSL Setup for CubeCart

  1. What version of CubeCart is this for? I am using the latest version as of April 2016 when this article was published, but the instructions don’t match the version.  For example, I have to go to Store Settings (Not Store Config) and then the “SSL” tab, not “gen settings” and Directories and Folders doesn’t exist.

    1. Hello Crystal,

      Apologies but the documentation provided here is for a fairly old version of CubeCart. If you require current instructions, you may need to contact CubeCart support for accurate and up-to-date instructions.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

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