Install Nextcloud on Managed VPS/Dedicated Hosting with the Web Installer

Nextcloud file management software is a popular alternative to ownCloud which allows you to sync and access files on your web server for access anywhere with internet access. Nextcloud is available in our Softaculous Instant Installer to get started in seconds.

Users without Softaculous can get started in minutes by following the Nextcloud Setup Wizard. Below we cover:

Per our Terms of Service, Nextcloud should only be installed on Managed VPS Hosting or higher. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Live Support directly.

Download Nextcloud Web Installer

  1. Visit and select Download for Server
  2. At the top of the pop-up, select Web Installer
  3. Right-click the here link to download the Web Installer file
  4. Upload the Nextcloud Web Installer file to your server in your home directory

Complete Nextcloud Setup Wizard

  1. Open the web installer in your browser:
  2. Once the Nextcloud wizard displays, select Next
  3. Specify the new directory to create and install Nextcloud in, or type a period “.” for the current directory, then select Next
  4. After you see Nextcloud is now installed, select Next
  5. Specify an admin username and password
  6. (Optional) Change the Nextcloud data sub-directory if desired
  7. In cPanel, create a database and database user in MySQL/MariaDB (or PostgreSQL if installed and preferred)
  8. Ensure the database user is connected to the database name
  9. In your Nextcloud setup wizard, under Configure the database, select MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL
  10. Add the created database name, user, and user password to finish the wizard

You should now be able to log into Nextcloud. Learn how to secure your server and users with the Antivirus for Files Nextcloud application with the ClamAV file scanner.

If you’re unable to use Nextcloud because of appearance issues upon login, follow our guide on Nextcloud not working with NGINX.

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