HTML5 Video Player Elements

A new element in HTML5 is the video element. The video element can be used to display a video in the browser, and it is intended to replace the object element.

Example Usage of the HTML5 Video Element

The following example code can be used to play a video on your webpage using the HTML5 video element:

<video src='' controls> Your browser does not support the HTML5 Video Element. </video>

For more information on getting the HTML5 video to work in all browsers, please see the previous tutorial on Using HTML5 to add videos.

Optional HTML5 Video Attributes

AttributeDescription and Example Usage

Determines if the video will play automatically

<video src='' controls autoplay>

Determines if controls should be displayed (such as play/pause and volume)

<video src='' controls>
width / height

Sets the width and height of the element

<video src='' controls width='320' height='240'>

Determines if the video should loop automatically when it is finished playing

<video src='' controls loop>

Determines if the video’s sound should be muted by default

<video src='' controls muted>

Allows you to set an image to load. This will show while the video is downloading and before the user presses play.

<video src='' controls poster='/url/to/image.gif'>

Specifies if the video should begin to download automatically when the page is loaded

<video src='' controls preload="none">

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