Understanding the Libgomp: Thread Creation Failed Error

If you are using WordPress (with or without the BoldGrid plugin) you may see an error generated when working with images or graphics:

libgomp: Thread creation failed: Resource temporarily unavailable, referer:/wp-admin/media-new.php

This error is specifically a result of configuration differences between InMotion Hosting servers and the ImageMagick module. The ImageMagick module is installed on VPS and Dedicated servers, but not installed in full on the shared servers. WordPress uses ImageMagick for processing the images, but will use the more limited version of the module on a shared server.

How to Resolve the Libgomp: Thread Creation Failed Error

The full installation of ImageMagick cannot be installed on a shared server account. However, there is a way to resolve the issue within the .htaccess file. This solution was also detailed in How to Fix the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress. You can also resolve the issue by using a WordPress plugin called Force Regenerate Thumbnails. The following is a summary of the steps necessary to solve the issue using a modification in the .htaccess file:

  1. Log in to your cPanel Dashboard.
  2. Go to Files and then click on File Manager, then go to the root of your WordPress installation. Make sure that you are able to see hidden files. You can find this option in the settings for File Manager.
  3. Find the .htaccess file. We have a tutorial that can help you locate and edit the .htaccess file if you require assistance.
  4. Add code to top of htaccess file

    Once you have located the file and you have opened it with an editor, please add the following line to the top of the file:


  5. Click on SAVE CHANGES.

You should then be able to launch WordPress and the error will no longer appear when you are working with your images and graphics.

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