Is ImageMagick Installed on My Server?

Is ImageMagick Installed on My Server? Hero Image

This article answers the important question: Is ImageMagick installed on my server?

As of February 25, 2020, the servers for WordPress Hosting customers have the PHP extensions that allows the use of imagick from PHP code.

ImageMagick allows you to dynamically create and edit images on the server. It will need to be ran from the command line as none of the API’s are installed. ImageMagick is already available for utilization on the servers. It is located at:

  • /usr/bin/convert
  • /usr/bin/mogrify

ImageMagick homepage –

The following are examples to demonstrate that ImageMagick is installed and functioning. If you have a file named image.jpg in your public_html, the following command ran from the command line will resize the image and name the new image to resize_image.jpg:

  • Servers with SSH access:
    convert image.jpg -resize 64x64 resize_image.jpg
  • Using ImageMagick without SSH access: You can setup a cron job with the following command:
    /usr/bin/convert public_html/image.jpg -resize 64x64 public_html/resize_image.jpg
  • Using ImageMagick without SSH accesss: You can run the following command from a php script:
    exec('/usr/bin/convert /home/USERNAME/public_html/image.jpg -resize 64x64 /home/USERNAME/public_html/resize_image.jpg');

    Please note that in this example you will need to replace USERNAME with your actual username.
    You will also need to make sure that the folder you are writing resize_image.jpg to has write permissions.

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7 thoughts on “Is ImageMagick Installed on My Server?

  1. I am trying to install a script from iscripts called printlogic. I cant seem to get it to install because of the following error.

    Checking IMAGICK support… Off-Please re-compile php with IMAGICK supportFatal errors detected. Please correct the above red items and reload.

    How is this error corrected? I do have a SSL but I am nost sure where and how to make corrections or add code or change code.. Basically I dont have a clue.


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