Do you support Mod_Rewrite?

The quick answer is yes! Mod_rewrite is a rule based rewrite engine that handles rewriting URL’s on the fly. If you have set up a re-direct within cPanel, you have unwittingly used mod_rewrite to create a rule in your .htaccess file. If you need further assistance with mod_rewrite please feel free to contact our support department.

Carrie Smaha
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3 thoughts on “Do you support Mod_Rewrite?

  1. Hi Tim S or somebody else.
    It’s me again.

    I wish to request your help once again.
    I was going to let the hired web expert log into the Cpanel, having taken care to change the password Cpanel shared with AMP. Then I noticed that through the Cpanel they would be able to access the AMP through the button “update billing info” that comes under “preferences”( here you find payment details, credit card…)
    SO, since Cpanel and Amp are connected through that, I figured it is best to avoid CPanel access altogether.

    So now I have installed WP as you advised (a piece of cake… 🙂

    So my questions are:
    1. Is there a way of giving them access to FTP, without them logging into the CPanel? Please explain the steps,( or if you have an article or video that does…)My problem here is that yes, I have created an FTP user, but don’t understand through what platform they would access…Mmmm, perhaps what I do not understand is what FTP is all about…

    2. For their access to my site’s databases do I do that through the “Remote MYSQL button”.

    Thanks in advance for your responses

  2. Hi Becket,

    Thanks for getting back to me. If you find you need further assistance please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for posting your questions!

    Tim S

  3. Thank you very much Tim S! That is very helpful information! I’ll get right down to it.
    Thanks again. 🙂

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