LD118 Failure and recovery

UPDATE: We are in the process of moving accounts to a new server, this will occur during a maintenance window on 10/22.

We are very sorry to inform you that at 3am on Thursday October 16, 2014, LD118 suffered a major hardware failure associated with the hard drives on the server. In spite of system diagnostics, the LD118 hard drive was lost.

LD118 is the name of a server housing hosting accounts. In order to find the name of your server, please see Finding your server

As soon as possible, our Systems Team has restored accounts from any backups we had on file. Backups that were just under a day old on LD118 were used in recovering files for customers. Unfortunately any customers that were over 10G in size did not have a backup. Home folders were recreated, but customers will have to re-upload any static content.

There were some files that were not lost. Databases and anything outside of HOME folder remained intact, though present from its condition on 10/15 between midnight and 6am PST. It should be noted that we do not provide backups for accounts over 10 GB in size, many effected accounts could not be restored.

Restoring Backups

If you are able, please restore your own backup at your convenience. In order to have our technical support team restore the file for you, upload your backup file, then submit an email ticket so that the request is properly tracked.

Customers are currently being notified and informed of the current issue. At present, customers will be moved to a new SSD box over the weekend or early next week. Again, we do apologize for the issues and inconvenience that this event has caused. We are confident that we will be able to regain your confidence as the best webhost for your needs and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

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