Viewing your Pending and Linked Accounts in WebPro

The WebPro dashboard provides you a view of your pending and linked accounts. We’ll show you how to view these accounts in the steps below.

How to View Pending and linked Accounts in the WebPro Administrator Dashboard

  1. Login to your Account Management Panel (AMP).
  2. WebPro icon

    If your account does not default to the WebPro Dashboard, then click on the WebPro icon.


    Here you can see the InMotion Hosting accounts that have been linked. There are two links at top of the WebPro interface labeled Linked and Pending. By default you will see the Linked accounts first. Click on the Pending link.

  4. list of Pending requests for WebPro account linking

    Here you can see a list of the Pending accounts. Note that you can resend, cancel, or delete a pending request. If a link request has not been answered, it will expire within one week.

That completes or tutorial on how to navigate and view to Linked or Pending accounts. For information, please see the WebPro Product Guide page.

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