What Does “Unlimited” Mean at InMotion Hosting?

What does unlimited mean at InMotion Hosting?

With InMotion Hosting you can always expect to get more while paying less. Our most popular hosting packages are routinely updated with more of everything you need to build powerful websites. As newer technology becomes available, more resources become “unlimited.”

In this article, you will learn what it means to have an “unlimited” resource available in your server arrangement as well as a rundown of some of the exciting upgrades you have available to you.

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What Does “Unlimited” Mean?

Resources available in your server are unlimited in the sense that there is no predetermined cap on how much you use. For example, if you want to host images on your website, you have no set limit on how many you can host, but the images must be used as an integral part of your website.

Likewise, as you will read below, shared hosting plans have received numerous improvements in terms of computing and disk allocation. However, if your website spikes in traffic or resource usage beyond initial expectations, we will happily assist in transferring your site to a more powerful server or in reducing your usage as needed. Be sure to check out our full terms of service for more information.

NVMe Hosting

The power for these upgrades comes from new hosting accounts being provisioned on NVMe servers as opposed to SATA-powered boxes. NVMe radically increases data transfer speeds. Faster hardware means your website runs faster on the front-end and the administrative side, resulting in a better experience for you and your visitors.

More PHP Power

Much of the web runs on PHP, so InMotion has upped PHP power across all shared hosting plans, increasing the amount of workers and PHP requests. Our proprietary UltraStack recipe also provides powerful reverse-proxy caching for your PHP applications.  This means WordPress, or any other PHP-based content management system, will run at blazing fast speeds right out of the box.

cPanel and Email Hosting

cPanel still provides the backbone of the shared hosting platform. It’s your hub for managing every aspect of your hosting, from creating email accounts to managing databases. Launch, Power, and Pro plans now provide support for unlimited websites, addon domains, subdomains, and databases. Likewise, disk quotas have been slashed, giving you all the space you will ever need to host your website’s critical content.

Communication between you and your team has also never been easier. All shared hosting plans now include unlimited email account creation as well as increased space for attachments: 1GB for Core, 5GB for Launch, 10GB for Power, and 20GB for Pro.

With all of the power, speed, and security you need, there’s no excuse not to create the website you’ve always imagined.

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