MS Outlook Security Updates

Issue:It has come to our attention that Microsoft has pushed out a Security update to some Outlook users. This has changed the way Outlook communicates with the mail servers, which may affect your email settings.
Status:This has currently been addressed on all servers. (You may have adjust your settings as described below)
Who is impacted?Some Microsoft Outlook email users.
Why is this happening?Microsoft has released an important security update (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-046) with fixes for many versions Outlook. This is to address security vulnerabilities, and may require you to use specific email settings.

**Update: 5/19/2015

This has been addressed on all InMotion Hosting servers at this time. You may have to adjust your port settings as described below.

What should I do?

Your port settings depend on your specific setup:

  • If you use SSL explicitly: incoming = 993 outgoing = 465
  • If you use TLS Explicitly: incoming = 143 outgoing = 587
  • If you use Auto: incoming = 143 outgoing = 587
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0 thoughts on “MS Outlook Security Updates

  1. I figured out SSL was thte problem on my own… I hope a solution is in the works to enable SSL connection for outlook email again soon.

    1. Hello ictatty & David,

      Thank you for contacting us. I definitely understand your concerns, as this is a big deal to us as well. We are currently still investigating and this issue, and working towards a solution.

      Essentially, Microsoft pushed out this update to some versions of Outlook, to address a security vulnerability. So, right now some versions of Outlook are not working with SSL connections due to a security risk.

      We will post updated information as soon as possible.

      You can use other email clients with SSL in the meantime, such as Thunderbird, or Webmail.

      Thank you for your patience,

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