How to Write a Professional “Out of Office” Email Responder

Time for a vacation? Or, do you just need to get out of the office for a few days? No problem. You could use a break. But what happens if someone tries to email you while you’re gone?

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We’ve already shown you how you can create email autoresponders in cPanel. But how do you write an effective and professional autoresponder. Read on to learn a few things your “Out of Office” autoresponder must include.


Below are some critical requirements that your “Out of Office” message must have. You can get creative after you’ve made sure to include each of these.

Offer a Cozy Greeting

This doesn’t need to be formal. It should feel like a regular, friendly email. So begin with a kind greeting like:

  • Hello,
  • Greetings,
  • Hi,

Make sure to use whatever your regular greeting is, so your recipient doesn’t feel as though something has changed.

Provide a Return Date

When will you be back in the office? Don’t let your absence be open-ended. Rather, make certain that everyone knows when you’ll be back, so they can know when to expect a reply from you.

Provide Alternate Contact Details

Provide some alternate contact details: In case of emergency, contact Mike @ 555-555-2020 or [email protected]. This assumes that your associate, Mike, who is still in the office, can field any upcoming issues for you. Though, in some cases, your alternate contact may be you yourself. In this case, you can provide your own phone number: In case of emergency, you can reach me by phone: 555-555-4949.

Example “Out of Office” Message

There’s no need to provide extensive details or to try to be funny. Just provide the necessary facts: you’re gone, you’ll be back, here’s who to contact in your absence.

Sorry I missed you, but I’m out of the office until Thursday the 6th of June. In case of emergency be sure to contact Mike at his email, [email protected].
Best,Howard Sample

Now that we’ve covered the basics of an effect, business-style “Out of Office” message, you’re free to get as creative as you want. Let your imagination run wild.

We’d like to read your creative “Out of Office” messages. Be sure to leave some samples below in the comment section.

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