Email: a Basic Introduction

Email is a very efficient means to contact visitors of your website or stay in contact with your customers.

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What Is Email?

In the most basic sense, email is electronic mail. You simply type a message on your computer and send the message through the Internet to your recipient.

No longer does it take 3 to 5 days to deliver a message like postal mail. This makes staying in touch with people much easier and more efficient.

You will need 3 things to send an email:

  1. an email address,
  2. a program used to write the email (a.k.a, “email client”)
  3. an internet connection to send the email

Once you have those items in place, you’ll be ready to start exchanging mail with other users.

What Are Email Attachments?

Attachments are additional files that are not part of the message you wish to send with the email.

These can be a many different types of files including pictures and test documents. Keep in mind, the larger the file attachment to the email the longer the message may take to send.

Follow along with our helpful guides to learn how to create an email account.

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