Publish Your Recipes in WordPress with WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker Plugin - Publish Your Recipes to WordPress

Interested in becoming a recipe blogger? Or, are you just looking for an effortless way to share your delicious recipes with the friends and family? The WP Recipe Maker plugin is a complete solution for managing recipes on your site. It’s everything you would need to run a recipe blog or just to host a series of recipes for yourself. (It’s even ready for posting to Pinterest right out of the box.)

  1. Create Recipes
  2. Manage Ingredients
  3. Search by course or cuisine
  4. Calculate nutrition facts (premium feature)
  5. Receive recipe ratings from visitors (premium feature)

This plugin is a one-stop shop for all your recipe needs, so you don’t need to worry about technical hiccups. All you need to do is create content and plug it in.

Create Recipes with Ease

The WP Recipe Maker plugin allows you to add recipes to posts with one click. A popup window lets you name your recipe, add ingredients, instructions, and servings with a few clicks. Just bring your creative energy, and everything else is taken care of.

WP Recipe Maker Has the SEO Covered

The WP Recipe Maker plugin comes pre-loaded with SEO features including rich snippets, metadata, JSON-LD structured data, and more. You get all of this with one simple installation.

It’s difficult to rank well in search engines with all the competition out there, but having your technical SEO game on point gives you a fighting chance, so all you need to do is create delicious recipes, take nice photos, and provide creative writing for your posts.

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