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Your website truly is more secure with VPS Hosting. cPHulk brute force protection, ConfigServer and Firewall (CSF), and Scheduled cPanel backups safeguard your data and peace of mind in various ways. Yet those tools have one important thing in common with the WP Cerber Security pluginconfigurable email notifications for benign and potentially malicious activity.

This is because security – cyber or physical – requires a constant proactive stance to handle new malicious issues and check how current settings are working. The aforementioned VPS tools need to be adjusted periodically to combat malicious users’ new hack attempts.

After you modify your WP Cerber access lists, you’ll still need to do the same thing. Email notifications help you do this and act immediately when automated settings don’t prevent new malicious activity.

Below we’ll cover how to enable WP Cerber notifications and strengthen email authentication.

Set Email Notifications

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Click WP Cerber on the left.
  3. Click Notifications from the top.
  4. Configure your notifications.
  5. You’ll see the following options under Email notifications:

    Lockout NotificationsToggle whether the admin will be emailed the locked out IP and reason after a specified number of lockouts
    Email AddressSpecify emails addresses to receive notifications or leave blank to email the admin user
    Notification limitMax notifications emails that can be sent per hour
    New version availableToggle whether to receive emails about updates

    You can configure Pushbullet under Push notifications:

    Pushbullet access tokenType your Pushbullet token (if applicable)
    Pushbullet deviceChoose from an available device if access token connected

    You can set the following for Weekly reports:

    Enable reportingToggle weekly emails listing malicious activities prevented and login statistics
    Send reports onSpecify a day and time from the drop-down menus
    Email AddressType receiving email addresses or leave blank for the emails listed for email notifications
    WP Cerber notifications page
    Edit email notifications

Stronger Email Authentication

Improved email authentication isn’t directly related to WP Cerber configuration. However, this ensures you spend less time scrolling between legitimate email and spam.

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