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In this article, we will be taking a look at the TimeTunnel plugin for WordPress and that can be used for displaying older posts within your WordPress site.

What is the TimeTunnel plugin?

TimeTunnel is an excellent plugin that can be used on long-standing blogs and news sites to display previous posts that were published at a previous date. This plugin will pull any posts that were published on the same date, in previous years. For example, if it is New Years Day and you want any visitors to your site to see previous years’ posts on that day, you would use this plugin to easily display old posts in a great widget area.

Who should use the TimeTunnel plugin?

Anyone with an older blog or news site could effectively take advantage of the TimeTunnel WordPress plugin. As it is activated in a WordPress widget area, it can be easily placed directly on your site, regardless of your particular theme.

Why would I want to use the TimeTunnel plugin?

One particular example of why you would want to use the TimeTunnel plugin on your WordPress site would be to refresh users with old posts on your website. As sometimes newer content can overtake the old, TimeTunnel is a great way to spark interest to great content that was written long ago.

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