Checking 404s with the CrawlForMe WordPress plugin

In this article, we will take a look at the CrawlForMe plugin for WordPress and what it can be used for within your WordPress site.

What is the CrawlForMe plugin?

CrawlForMe is a simple plugin that does a great job of locating broken links within your WordPress site. Using it, you will be able to analyze your site to ensure that you do not have any broken links both internally on your WordPress site, as well as anything that points to an external source.

Who should use the CrawlForMe plugin?

Crawling your WordPress site for any broken links is always a good idea for all users. This plugin would be especially useful for WordPress sites that have a large amount of content, such as a news or informational website. It will work well for any WordPress site to avoid users clicking on a link that goes to a 404 page.

Why would I want to use the CrawlForMe plugin?

The CrawlForMe plugin would be used to locate any dead links within your site built with WordPress. This is useful because when you have a large site, you may have a large number of links going to various places. This ensures that those links can be identified and corrected so that users and search engines that are following them will be presented with the correct content that they are expecting.

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