Remove Comments from a WordPress Page or Post

WordPress was built for interaction with people in mind. All pages and posts have the option for comments. However, for a photography site, these options can be a distraction. This can be removed very simply using the WordPress Administrator interface. Follow the directions below to remove the comments from either a post or a page.

show comment area
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  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard.
  2. Screen options

    When you are creating or editing a post or a page, click on the option labeled Screen Options in the top right corner

  3. Screen option- Discussion

    In the Screen Options, check the box next to DISCUSSION

  4. Screen option- Discussion

    Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Page until you see the section labeled DISCUSSION. Un-check the option for comments.

  5. Once you have unchecked the box, click on the button labeled Update in order to update the page or post. The option for adding comments will be removed.

Review your page and you will see that the section for comments/user feedback has been removed.

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