Remove Comments from a WordPress Page or Post

WordPress was built for interaction with people in mind. All pages and posts can allow discussion in the form of comments. However, there are circumstances when comments are not welcome on a post. For example, the post may simply be an announcement or shared information.

The WordPress interface does allow for the comment option to be removed. Follow the directions to remove comments from a post or page.

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  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard.
  2. When creating or editing a post or a page, click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. This will open the settings column on the right side of the editor. Click on Discussion.

    post - remove comment
  4. Uncheck Allow Comments.
  5. Save, Update, or Publish the comment to save your changes.

Preview or view your post or page, and you will see that the section for comments/user feedback has been removed.

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