Finding the Network Administrator Interface for WordPress Multisite

When working with a WordPress MultiSite installation, the interface is just a bit different. This is because of the network setup. Below is a guide of how to locate the Network Admin interface after setting up a WordPress Multisite configuration.

How to login to the Network Admin in a WordPress MS Installation

  1. wp admin interface login screen

    Log into to the WordPress Admin interface.

  2. select my sites

    This brings you to the normal admin dashboard. At the top of the page is a dark gray bar. Look to the left side of the bar and hover over My Sites. Next, move your mouse pointer over Network Admin when it appears in the drop-down menu, then click on the Dashboard option from the popup menu to the right.

  3. network administration dashboard

    You are now on the Network Administrator Dashboard. On this page, are all of the menu settings for working with your network WordPress installation.


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