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This article explains what Mautic for WordPress is, why you should use it and what the benefits are, as well as install and setup instructions.

What is Mautic for WordPress?

Mautic is a free open-source marketing automation platform and WordPress plugin. 

The Mautic plugin is an easy way for businesses of all sizes to create custom landing pages, make personalized emails, design intuitive customer workflows and track marketing campaigns. Mautic enables teams to collect important contact information, enhance and duplicate campaigns and act on the results.

By integrating Mautic into their WordPress site, users have the ability to segment customers and manage leads, as well as nurture and track contacts. 

Premium Features

  • Multi-Channel Campaigns: Creating automated campaigns is simple with Mautic’s easy-to-use visual builder.
  • Website Tracking: Boost the value of your website with tracking that provides useful visitor insight and data.
  • Landing Pages: Create custom landing pages that allow you to tailor your site for a target audience.
  • Email Marketing: Intuitive templates and automation make it easy to optimize and deliver emails.
  • Integrations: Native integrations, including social media, and plugins enable you to connect Mautic with any technology solution.
  • Dynamic Content: Utilize real-time customer engagement data in order to deliver targeted content to any audience.

Users also have the ability to create gated video, design custom pop-ups to collect email addresses and test out focus items to engage visitors. 

Install and Setup

Mautic install and setup is easy. To install Mautic, simply download the plugin and install it through your WordPress administrator panel, just like you would any other WordPress plugin. 

Once installed, go to the settings screen and insert your Mautic URL.

You should now have Mautic fully integrated into WordPress.

Available on all InMotion Hosting Plans, and featuring an intuitive user experience and a slate of valuable tools all at no cost, Mautic might be just the tool you need to take your website and business to the next level.

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