Importing your Tumblr blog into WordPress

Migrating your blog from Tumblr to WordPress can be an intimidating task if you have a large number of posts and done by hand, but thanks to the Tumblr Importer plugin, transferring all of your Tumblr posts to your WordPress site can be done with ease and within minutes. In this article, we will walk you through the process of importing all of your Tumblr content over to your WordPress blog.

Installing the Tumblr Importer plugin

  1. First, you will need to login to WordPress.
  2. install tumblr importer step 1

    Now that you are logged into your WordPress admin, hover over Plugins on the left side of the screen, and click on Add New.

  3. install tumblr importer step 2

    Next, you will need to search for the Tumblr Importer plugin. To do so, enter Tumblr Importer into the search box and click on Search Plugins.

  4. install tumblr importer step 3

    The first result on the page will be the plugin that you are looking for. If you click the link that says Install Now, WordPress will automatically handle the download and installation of the Tumblr Importer plugin for you. Once complete, be sure to click the Activate Plugin link to ensure that it becomes active.

Importing your Tumblr content to WordPress

Now that the Tumblr Importer plugin is installed, all we have to do is import the content from Tumblr.

  1. tumblr import tool screen

    To access the Tumblr Importer tool, hover over Tools, then click on Import. Here, you will have a list of available sources. Click on Tumblr.

  2. getting to tumblr api screen

    To connect to Tumblr and grab your content from it, you will need to connect to Tumblr’s API. To get your API key, visit the Tumblr API page.

  3. tumblr api screen settings

    On the Tumblr API page, click the big green button that says Register application. On this page, you will only need to fill out a few fields. In the Application name field, enter the name of your website. In the Application website and Default callback URL fields, enter your website, for example, Once complete, click Register.

  4. view oauth consumer and secret keys

    Once you have submitted your information, you will see your OAuth Consumer Key and a link that says Show secret key. Click on the Show secret key link to show your secret key. Keep this window open or save your information in another location as you will need both the OAuth consumer key and secret key in the next steps.

  5. settings in tumblr import

    Next, we will go back to our Tumblr import page on the WordPress admin dashboard and enter the consumer and secret keys, then click Connect to Tumblr.

  6. authorize tumblr application button

    To fully connect to Tumblr from your WordPress site, you will need to authorize WordPress to access your Tumblr account. To do so, click on a Authorize the Application link that is presented to you after saving your API keys.

  7. authorize wordpress to connect to tumblr

    You will then be brought to the Tumblr website to authorize the application. Click allow on this screen.

  8. button click to import tumblr content

    Once you have allowed your website to access your Tumblr account, you will be taken back to the Tumblr Import page within your WordPress dashboard. You should now see your Tumblr blog listed here. To import your content, click the Import this blog button to the right.

Below, you will see that Tumblr content has been added to your WordPress site: tumblr import to wordpress complete

tumblr post imported to wordpress

Congratulations! Your Tumblr blog has now been imported into your WordPress site.

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