How to Enable Brute Force Protection in Jetpack

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In order to use the instructions in this article, you must have the Jetpack plugin installed on your WordPress site.

Jetpack is an all-around plugin for WordPress that includes many features including security features. One of the security features that is available on all levels of Jetpack subscription is the Brute force attack protection. This tutorial will show you how to enable Brute force protection and how to prevent Jetpack from blocking IP addresses by using a whitelist.

Enabling Jetpack Brute Force Attack Protection

Enable brute force protection in Jetpack security settings
Enable Brute force protection in Jetpack Security Settings

The security setting to allow Jetpack to prevent brute force attacks is a simple yet important option. Follow the directions below in order to enable the setting. Remember that any change to plugin settings in WordPress requires that you be logged into the WordPress Administrator Dashboard.

  1. In the menu, click on Jetpack, then click on Settings.
  2. The first page displayed will be the Security settings for Jetpack. Scroll down until you find Brute force protection.

That completes the activation of Brute force protection within Jetpack. If you have several people accessing your site, you will want to add their IP addresses to keep them from being blocked by this security option.

How to Whitelist an IP address in Jetpack

Click on the drop-down arrow to the right in order to see the Whitelist options for Jetpack Brute force protection
  1. In the section where you enabled Brute force protection, you will see a drop-down arrow to the right (highlighted in the screenshot above). Click on this arrow.
  2. You will see a field where you can add IP addresses or a range of IP addresses. Need help finding an IP address, check out this article. Once you have the IP address or range of addresses add them to the section labeled Whitelisted IP addresses.
  3. Click on Add to whitelist to add your IP address.
  4. Once the addresses added to the Whitelisted IP addresses, click on Save Settings.

Congratulations! You can now enable Brute Force Protection in Jetpack. You can also whitelist IP addresses so that they are not affected by this security option. Click on the following link to learn how to use Downtime Monitoring in Jetpack.

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