How to Create a Site for your Sports Team Using WordPress

If you participate in a sports league then you may want to create a website where you can share information or media for your team. This is especially helpful for a coach who may want to provide team updates, schedules and other important information. Using InMotion Web Hosting Services you can build a low-cost, quick and easy website to meet your team needs.

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Before You Begin

For this tutorial, I’m going to use a softball team as an example of what you can do in creating a website for your sports team. As a coach, you will need to determine the information that you want to share. Typically, this includes your team roster, team logo, sponsors, the team schedule which includes scores, and game times. You will also have a section for commentary to the team, contact information, and field locations. You will need to make sure that you have both a domain name and web hosting services to build your site.

You should include important links like league rules or other informational links to help your team members. Finally, make sure to include a section for pictures of the team in action. It’s important that you not only include information to help your team but also share memories that help your team enjoy their time together. Make the site not only informational but fun for your teammates!

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Home Page

The first page that everyone sees is your home page so you should focus on making something that shows off your team, its logo and your sponsor (if you have one). Some team sponsors would be really grateful to any advertising on your website. Make sure to include a link to their website if they have one. Making your sponsor happy is a big positive for your team going forward.

Examples of a good front page might be a great team shot, or maybe the team logo with a few action shots. If you’re wondering what Inspiration would be a good fit, check out the Fitness category. You will find good designs that match your tastes.

If you want to keep it simple, you can opt to have a lot of the information on your front page. That way your team members won’t have to go through a bunch of links to get to the information they need. For example, you may want to put the next game schedule and location information on the front page. You may also want to put the last score. If you have commentary, I would recommend that you keep it in a separate post. If it’s something that shouldn’t be shared with anyone but your team, then make sure to make the post private so that only approved members can view that post. This is a feature of WordPress and can easily be implemented when adding your post or page.

Other Pages for Your Team

Once you have created your home page, then you can concentrate on building other pages for your website. Here you can build:

  • A roster page listing the members of our team
  • Archive of your past game scores and statistics
  • Recommended Links to websites
  • Gallery page of your team

Roster pages and galleries can be built with the existing functionality of BoldGrid/WordPress or you may want to check out a plugin or two. Here are a few plugins dedicated to building rosters:

Team Rosters
WP Team Manager

Let your team know about the website!

Once you have it all put together to make sure that you get the information to your team. Putting the site together and maintaining it may be a little additional work, but it provides value to your team, your sponsors, and your fans! A good site helps to bring the team together and shows you care.

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