How to Configure Support Settings in WHMCS

As a reseller it is important to support the products you sell. You may be called upon by clients for help or for information. WHMCS allows to set up a fully functional support system.

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin
  2. General Settings under Setup

    Hover over Setup

  3. Support settings

    Choose the Support tab

  4. Fill in the settings:
    Support Module:Select your option from the dropdown
    Support Ticket Mask Format:Key: %A – Uppercase letter | %a – Lowercase letter | %n – Number | %y – Year | %m – Month | %d – Day | %i – Ticket ID
    Ticket Reply List Order:Select the sort order you want to use from the dropdown
    Ticket Reply Email Limit:Email sending limit per 15 minutes
    Show Client Only Departments:Tick to show client only departments to guests (not logged in visitors)
    Client Tickets Require Login:Require login by the owning client for viewing tickets assigned to a client
    Knowledgebase Suggestions: Show suggested KB articles to a user as they enter a support ticket message
    Attachment Thumbnail Previews: Tick to enable thumbnail previews of image attachments (requires GD)
    Support Ticket Rating: Allow users to rate support ticket replies from staff
    Ticket Closure Feedback Request: Tick to enable sending of Ticket Feedback Requests upon closure of tickets
    Prevent Email Reopening:Tick to prevent email replies from re-opening closed tickets and to send an email advising to open a new ticket or update the existing ticket for clients.
    Update Last Reply Timestamp:Select the option you want
    Disable Reply Email Logging:Do not create email log entry for ticket replies (text is already logged in ticket so saves disk space)
    KB SEO Friendly URLS:Tick to enable SEO friendly urls (Requires renaming the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess in the root directory)
    Allowed File Attachment Types:Seperate multiple extensions with a comma
    Service Status Require Login: Require a login to view the server status & network issues pages
    Include Product Downloads: Tick to include Product Associated Downloads in the Downloads Directory
  5. Blue Save Button

    Click Save Changes

Now that you have gone through the Support options you are ready to proceed to the Invoice tab.

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