How to remove widgets from the sidebar in Movable Type

When using the default template in Movable Type, you will notice several widgets in the sidebar such as the Search box or the RSS subscription link. To customize your site, you may wish to remove one or more of the widgets.

Removing widgets from the sidebar in Movable Type

  1. Log into your Movable Type admin dashboard.
  2. click templates link

    From the main screen, click on the Templates link.

  3. select widget option

    This takes you to the Design section. Look to the left hand menu and click on the Widgets option.

  4. At the top of the page is a section named Widget Sets. There are several sets, the default uses the two third column sets. There is one for each sidebar. Simply click on the link for the sidebar you want to edit. In our example, we are editing the Primary Sidebar.
  5. widget list

    You are taken to a list of widgets. The right column displays the widgets that are currently active for the sidebar. To remove one, simply click your cursor on the desired widget and drag it into the left column and release the mouse button. You will see it disappear from the left column. For our example, we removed the Syndication widget.

  6. Click on the Save Changes button to confirm and save the change.
  7. Click on the Pages section from the left menu.
  8. publish all pages

    Check all pages and click on the Publish button. This saves the new widget status. You can see in the before and after comparison that the RSS syndication widget is now gone.

     before removing widget

     after widget removal

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