Adding a Logo to your Movable Type site

Movable Type does not have any logo in the template by default. In order to place your logo in the header section of your site, you will need to upload your image to the Assets, then add the HTML code in the template Header Banner linking your logo in the code. Below are the steps to insert a logo into your Movable Type websites Default theme.

Steps to upload a Logo

  1. Log into your Movable Type Dashboard.
  2. Add New Asset Movable Type

    On the left side where it shows “Assets“, click New.

  3. Browse for logo Movable Type

    Upload your Logo to the server.

  4. Manage Assets Movable Type

    Click your logo on the Manage Assets page.

  5. Get logo path Movable Type

    Find the path to your logo image. In this case, the logo was uploaded to the main folder of the Movable Type install directory.

    In this case, the logo was uploaded to the main install directory. You can use the url in the image tag on step 8.

  6. Templates Movable Type

    Go to “Design” on the left and click Templates.

  7. Template Module Movable Type

    Under the “Template Modules“, click the Banner Header.

    Header Banner Movable Type

    You should see the code for the header name and description.

  8. Image code Movable Type

    Add the following code after the <div id=”header-content”>.

    <img src="" alt="My Logo" style="float:left;padding: 0px 20px 0px 0px" /> 

    Save the Changes.

  9. Publish the site Movable Type

    Publish the site by clicking the Publish button at the top right.

  10. Click the Publish button Movable Type

    Click Publish.

    Close the publish success box Movable Type

    You should see a successful published notice. Close the publishing box.

    Final view with logo on site Movable Type

    Now when you go to your website you will see you logo at the top left like the snapshot to the right.

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