Placing an External URL using the Moodle URL module

Now that Making pages for courses with the page module in Moodle was discussed, creating an External link in the Course section with the URL module is the next topic. This module is handy for navigating students to External sites that have extra curricular information in regards to the Course. This article was written using the Moodle 2.3 version.

Creating External link with the URL module

  1. log into the Moodle Dashboard
  2. url-module-1-add

    Once in the Moodle Dashboard, select the course and click the Add an activity or resource button to add a File. Select the URL radio button and click Add.

    Important! Keep in mind that Editing must be turned on in the Settings section in order to edit any of these options.

  3. url-module-2-new

    Enter the information for the External Link. The Name, Description, and the External URL are required in this section. When finished, click Save and return to courses.


    Hint! When setting a URL to navigate to an External Web page, the Moodle site will load the page in the same window, unless you select In Pop-Up from the Display drop box in the Options section.

  4. url-module-4-final

    Once the link is saved, visit the Course Section where the URL was added. It should look similar to the following snapshot. When clicking the link, because it was set to In Pop-Up, the window will open in a separate browser window (See snapshot for In Pop-Up view). This will prevent the student from leaving the Moodle site, allowing the user or student to close the pop up without having to use the back button to return to the Course.

This concludes the overview for the Moodle adding an external link using the URL module in Moodle.. For more information on this Education Channel please visit Adding an activity or resource to a course in Moodle

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