How to log into MediaWiki

The first step in working with MediaWiki is knowing how to log in. This section of the Getting started with MediaWiki course will explain how to log into MediaWiki.


Logging into MediaWiki

The first step in building the MediaWiki site is to log in as the administrator and begin configuring the site. The Admin username and password are the ones that were set during the MediaWiki installation. The following will explain how to log in to your MediaWiki site.

How to log in

  1. Visit your mediaWiki home page.
  2. At the top right side, click the Log in link.
  3. log-in-mediawiki-2-login-screen

    Now you should see the Log in / create account page. Use the Name and Password you created when installing MediaWiki.


    Click Log in.


    Now you should see your username at the top right hand side.


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