How to create pages in MediaWiki

Creating pages in MediaWiki is a simple task. When you search pages and they are not found, you can create MediaWiki pages from the search. You can also create pages by creating an internal link in a page. This article will explain the steps to create pages in MediaWiki with the search and the internal link features.

How to create a page with an internal link

MediaWiki is a software that is designed for a different purpose than a typical website. Because of this, creating pages is done differently than other web creation software. To create a page in media wiki, you can add an internal link within an existing page. When ever an internal link is created within a page, the page is automatically created in the site. The following instructions will explain how to create a page in Media Wiki.

  1. Log into MediaWiki
  2. create-pages-mediawiki-1-mediawiki

    Click a Wiki page to add the internal link.The following internal link will be added in this example.

    [[My HTML Wiki]]

    The Internal link that is created in a page will automatically create a page with the name you created for the internal link. In this case, the My HTML wiki link was created. this makes a page with the following url:

    Save the changes.

  3. create-pages-mediawiki-2-mediawiki

    Now you can navigate to the page by clicking the link you created.

  4. create-pages-mediawiki-3-mediawiki

    When the page loads the content will only show:

    “There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page.”

    Click the edit this page link.

  5. create-pages-mediawiki-4_mediawiki

    Add content to the page and Save Changes.


    You can also search for the page to create a page.

Creating a page by searching the page

To create a MediaWiki page, you can simply search for the article in your search box. If the page is not found, MediaWiki will prompt you to create the page. The following will explain how to create a page with the search function.

  1. Log into MediaWiki
  2. image-mediawiki

    Search for an article that does not exist that you want to create.

  3. image-mediawiki

    In the Create the page “page you searched for” on this wiki, Click the name of the article you searched for.

  4. image-mediawiki

    Enter the page informationon the Creating [The name you searched] page.

    Click Save changes.


    Now you should be redirected to the page you just created.

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