SOHO Website Builder – Resetting the admin user/password

  1. Log into the cpanel using the username and cpanel password
  2. Go into the MySQL area, then follow the link to phpMyAdmin
  3. From the “databases” drop down menu in the left column, choose the soho database (almost always _sope1)
  4. Under the “Table” column, go down to the row that says “login“, then click the first icon to the right, in the same row to “Browse”
  5. Click the pencil about halfway down the page, to the right of where it says “PriKey, Owner, etc” to edit
  6. In the column labeled “Value” remove the password (and username if necessary) and replace it with the password (and/or username if needed) it needs to be reset to, then click “Go

This should be all that needs to be done. Please contact support if you need further assistance.

Carrie Smaha Manager, Demand Generation

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