SOHO Website Builder – Installing on an Addon Domain

The Fantastico section in cPanel limits the number of Soho installations to one for your primary domain. Additional installations must be done manually.

1. Create a database:

  • Log in to CPanel with your username and password
  • Go to “MySQL Databases” and create a new database
  • Below that, create a new user, or use an existing user.
  • Add the user to the new database, giving them “All” privileges

Note that the database and username has two parts: yourinmotionusername_databasename, and yourinmotionusername_username. For example, tester5_soho1 and tester5_admin

2. Download the Soho Builder Installation File

Go to and download the Soho installer to your desktop, then unzip the folder. You should have two files:

  • installsoholaunch.php
  • README.txt

3. Upload these files into your addon Domain’s folder via FTP

Using an FTP client, log in to your site and locate the folder that contains the files for the addon domain. This folder usually has the same name as the addon domain itself, minus the .com/.net/.org/etc. Upload ‘installsoholaunch.php‘ directly into this folder. To allow Soho to write to this folder, you will need to temporarily set the folder’s permissions to 777. This can be done in most FTP clients by right-clicking the folder and selecting “properties,” then checking all nine boxes to allow the Owner, Group, and All other users to write to the folder. This can also be done in File Manager through your CPanel by selecting the domain’s folder and “Edit Permissions.

4. Run the installation file.

Now that the files are uploaded to the server, you can run the installation program. This can be accessed through:

Follow the instructions on-screen until you reach the administrative setup. From here you can set the admin username and password to log in to Soho. For the database setup, use the database name, username, and password that you set up in Step 1. Once you’ve verified these settings, you can finish the installation.

***NOTE: on PHP 5 servers you may have trouble running the installer because of a restriction in the way that PHP can handle remote files. To get around this, copy the php.ini from your public_html into the soho installation directory and add the following line to the top of the file:

allow_url_include On

If you don’t have a php.ini, you can simply create a blank one containing the above line.

5. Log in.

You can access your Soho administrative login through

*Once you’ve verified that your installation is working, please contact us so we can reset your folder permissions correctly, as you have just set them to 777.

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