InMotion Hosting Visits DrupalCon in Portland Oregon May 2013

InMotion Hosting joins the Drupal Developers in the DrupalCon Portland 2013 schedule. DrupalCon 2013 is a convention for the Drupal Content Management System. At DrupalCon, speakers such as Dries Buytaert, Karen McGrane, and Michael Lopp on Drupal 8 new features, critical updates to the Drupal 8 core, updates to modules, and other events occurring at the DrupalCon in Portland. Below is a brief outline of the DrupalCon events.

Brief DrupalCon itinerary May 20th to the 24th

The DrupalCon events are briefly as follows.

  • Monday: DrupalCon CXO and Professional Drupal Training.
  • Tuesday: Welcome to DrupalCon from JAM and Robert Douglass and key speakers Dries Buytaert and Jeff Eaton.
  • Wednesday: Key Speakers Karen McGrane, Moshe Weitzman, Mark Sonnabaum, Jonathan Hedstrom and Owen Barton. Ryan Szarma of CommerceGuys and Drupal Association Board Meeting.
  • Thursday: Key speaker Michael Lopp, open session with many Drupal Core Maintainers, and learning about the DrupalCon North America 2014 location.
  • Friday: Community Tools Workshop.

For more information on the DrupalCon Convention, please read the article DrupalCon Portland Schedule Announced: Don’t Miss a Thing. To learn more about Drupal 8 release dates, please see our article on Drupal 8 release dates. For more information on our Drupal 8 tutorials, please see our Drupal 8 Education channel.

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