Content Types in Drupal 7

Now that you have installed Drupal 7, the next thing we would like to teach you is how to write content. You can think of content as text you will publish to your website, whether it be an About Us type page or a page with the latest news about your business.

There can be different types of content you can write. The default installation of Drupal 7 includes the following two types of content:

  1. Articles
  2. Basic Pages
ArticlesBasic Pages
Articles in Drupal 7 can be thought of as news and announcements. This is content that you publish frequently, and the time or frequency that you publish the content is important.Basic pages in Drupal 7 is content that is more permanent, such as an About Us type page. Sure, you can edit your About Us page whenever you would like, but it is generally not a page that you would remove from your navigation, such as a news item. 

There are more content types that you can create in Drupal 7, but Articles and Basic Pages are the only ones that are ready for you to use right now. As we progress further into our Drupal 7 education channel, we’ll cover other content types more in depth.

Now that we covered the basics on Articles vs. Basic Pages, let’s now look into how to create them:

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