Removing your Domain from Security Block Lists

Most Internet Security software companies now maintain their own lists within their software of sites that they have found to contain malicious software, spamming, and phishing. This can occur if a hacker injects malicious code into your site files or if a false postiive happends while the vendor scans the website. 

We have compiled a list of contacts for various security software vendors for you to use. If your site has been put into a security vendor’s block list, you can submit a request for your site to be removed with that vendor. Before submitting your domain for removal, be sure that your site has been either cleaned of malicious code or proven to be a false positive.

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  1. Today we are living in an advanced world, and for the digital life, we need to secure our identity and information from online threats and attackers I like the way  it is very impressive and well understanding about antivirus I always looking for this nowadays I am using the Norton antivirus but after seeing your post I sifted my antivirus and it’s useful for me.

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