Canceling Non-Hosting Billing Items in the Account Management Panel (AMP)

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While managing your InMotion Hosting account, you may find yourself looking for a way to cancel a non-hosting billing item from within the Account Management Panel.

This can be done in just a few simple steps.

In this article, we will review what cancelling a non-hosting billing item entails and outline the process for doing so in the Account Management Panel interface. 

Topics Include:

What Does Cancelling Non-Hosting Billing Items Mean? 

In order to clarify what is entailed in cancelling a non-hosting billing item, we will list a few of the ways you can cancel your non-hosting billing items.

  • Changing billing items to expire instead of automatic renewal.
  • Setting billing items to expire at the end of the current term.
  • Cancelling upcoming automatic renewals of domain registration and domain privacy.

Cancelling Non-Hosting Billing Items in AMP

Now that we’ve explored what it means to cancel a billing item, we will now review the process by which users can cancel billing items in the Account Management Panel.

NOTE: If you would like to cancel a hosting subscription, please see “How Do I Cancel My Hosting Account?

  1. First, log into your Account Management Panel (AMP).
  2. Once logged into the AMP, hover over the Billing menu option, then select My Subscriptions.

  3. On the following page, click on the red X at the end of the row for each billing item you would like to cancel. Examples of items that can be cancelled this way are domain registration, domain privacy, and backup services.

  4. Confirm the request to cancel the selected item(s) and click Submit.

NOTE: The following page will confirm the item(s) are set to expire on the next renewal date. 

Congratulations, you have now familiarized yourself with the process for cancelling non-hosting billing items in the AMP.

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