Update configuration file with your new database settings

If your website uses a database, at this point you should have already downloaded a copy of your database from your previous host, created a new database in your InMotion Hosting cPanel, and imported the database copy into the new database. The next step will be to edit your configuration files so that whatever system you use for your website (Content Management System, Blog, e-Commerce program, etc.) can connect to the database.

Depending on the software you use for your site, the name of your configuration file and it’s location will vary. We have provided a reference table below for systems most commonly used to help you in locating and editing your configuration file.

Once you have located your configuration file, you can use the cPanel File Manager to edit the configuration file. You will want to replace the settings in the configuration file with your new database information. When you created your new database, this was the information we asked you to write down on the FTP and Database Information Needed form.

Common Software Configuration Files
Blog / Content Management Systems
OpenCartMain Configuration File:
/public_html/config.php Admin Configuration File:


OsCommerceMain Configuration File:

Admin Configuration File:

Zen CartMain Configuration File:

Admin Configuration File:

Bulletin Boards
Image Galleries
Coppermine Photo Gallery/public_html/include/config.inc.php
Mailing Lists
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