Finding Your SEO Ranking Online

Finding Your SEO Ranking Online

By now, you should know what SEO is, but you’re probably wondering how you can find out what your current standing is.

First off, there is not one definite #1 ranked website for any specific keyword because Google, like the Internet, is constantly changing and evolving. Instead, you can see how your website did in a specific time frame and in a specific region.

To find this information for free, you can try Google Search Console.

From your dashboard, you should go to “Top Search Queries” and then select “More.” This will then display a list of your top keyword associations (i.e., the keywords that your website connects with the most on searches). When you click on one of these keywords, it will show you how often your website ranked in the top ten for that keyword. For each one, you will see a ranking followed by a percentage.

Understanding Your Search Position

Let’s say you have a ranking of #1 at 15 percent, #2 at 29 percent, and #3 at 11 percent. This means that you ranked in the top position 15% of the time, the second at 29%, and the third at 11%. It will also show you the total clickthrough percentage for your website. This is a good way to get a handle on how your website is rated. But there are other tools that will help you with your SEO, and while they come at a higher premium they can provide more data than Google alone:

Unlike Google, these tools also provide you with a type of “domain authority” score, which can be useful in seeing how your domain performs against the rest of the web.

Now that you know how to find your SEO ranking, check out How to Use Your Website to Improve Search Results.

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