How to reset / wipe clean the files on My Account?

When you are working on your server and you find that the only way to get your account working again is to wipe all the files and start over, you can have your account reset like a”New Account“.

You can also have particular sections of your account wiped clean like your email accounts or only your FTP accounts.

What do you exactly want reset?

There are a few things that can be reset on your account. The following shows what you can reset on your server.

  • Files, or just a certain domain / subdomain / addon domain
  • Email accounts
  • FTP accounts

Depending on what you want wiped clean and reset to a “New Account” will determine what you will need to do.

If you want everything reset to the original

In the instance you want to have your entire account reset to a new account status (IE you want all email, files, databases, and everything removed and set up like a new account) It is best to best to contact tech support with this request. You will want to tell support the following:

Please reset my account ** username or domain ** to its original configuration as a new account.
I do not need the emails, databases, ftp accounts, and files in my account anymore and want to start over Please reset my account ASAP.

If you only want the website files removed

If you only want the website files reset or removed, you can do this a couple of ways, depending on how you set up the website initially.

Wiping websites clean that were originally installed with Softaculous

When you install programs through Softaculous, you will need to remove the website files through Softaculous. Softaculous has a remove / uninstall capability for each software. This will ensure you only remove that particular website instead of all your files. Please see our article on How to uninstall programs using Softaculous.

Wiping websites clean that were setup / installed manually

If you manually installed the software in question, for example, you used FTP to upload them, you can wipe the files for the site in question following these directions:

  1. For the website in question, locate where on your server the files are stored
  2. Using either FTP or the File manager, remove the files that you no longer want.

10 thoughts on “How to reset / wipe clean the files on My Account?

  1. For some reason, I am not able to make modules function in my Joomla site. I have tried everything I can think of including resetting the CPANEL reinstalling and just installing templates like the T3, Purity, Helix and others and no matter what, when I try to edit, add a new or just look at a Module in Admin, it blinks for a split second (I can see it) then goes to a white screen of sorts with the progress icon endlessly spinning. Everything else seems to work. Modules is the only thing giving me this problem. I would be extremely greatful for any help.


  2. Hi- am hoping you can assist. Am very frustrated with this as I have spent all day trying to fix and WP hack. In the end, I am going to redo my site anyway. Followed instructions in this thread and think I went delete happy. All I wanted was to start over and am now not able to create email, etc bc of error messages saying files are missing. Any advice is greatly appreaciated to just start over! thx!

    1. Hello,

      Apologies with the problem that you’re having with the WordPress site. The easiest thing to do in order to start over is to delete the files installed by WordPress and the associated database. If you’re having problems with the re-installation, then please contact our live technical support team via phone/chat/email and they will be able to reset your account so that you can restart cleanly.

      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Kindest regards,
      Arnel C.

  3.  I think I totally messed up my wordpress site. In the wordpress I changed my domain from to (which is really what I want) Now I locked my self out and all the links are broken. Is there anyway I can start over from scratch with the url

  4. Hello,

    I want to wipe my server to original EXCEPT the emails. I had been playing with prestashop and magento, but now i want to do a clean install.

    1. Hello Mark,

      It doesn’t sound like you need to wipe your server. It sounds like you just want to remove everything out of your /public_html directory and uninstall any applications that you’ve installed.

      If you wanted to retain your email, you could simply download it to a POP3 email client so that the messages are stored on your computer and then request for your server to be wiped. Or we can just reset your account other than emails on the server.

      Either way, this will require a verified ticket to fulfill your request.

      Please let us know if you had any other questions.

      – Jacob

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