How to Manage BlaB! AX Chat Rooms

In this article, we cover how to manage BlaB! AX chat rooms.

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Room Settings

  1. Log in to BlaB! AX as an administrator.
  2. Click the triple-dot icon in the upper-left corner to view user options.
  3. Click the “A” admin button.
  4. On the left, click Rooms.

Add Rooms

  1. Click Add room.
  2. Click NEW ROOM in the rooms list.
  3. Edit the Room name, Description, Room color, and Z-Order (order from the top of the list).
  4. Click OKAY.

Delete Rooms

  • To delete a room, click Delete on the right of the room. Click OK to confirm.
  • To delete all rooms, click Delete All under the list of created rooms. Click OK to confirm.

Global Room Options

These settings apply to all rooms.

  • Show room background – Toggle Off to remove room name text from background
  • Font color – Change background room name text color
  • Room background font – Change background room name text font
  • Font opacity – Change transparency

Click OKAY once done.

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