How to Restore Just One Part of Your Site From a Website Backup

In this article, we’re going to show you how to restore just one part of your site using a website backup.

Remember, when it comes to restoring your site, you have a lot of options. In this article, we’re doing partial backups. You also have emergency backups and full website backups. Knowing your full backup options is the most important part of proper website maintenance.

Your Website Backup May Save You

In most cases, you may not require a full website backup in order to restore just one part of your site. We’re going to show you a few ways to get back content you may have altered or deleted.

How to Restore a Database

Most websites rely on a database in order to generate dynamic content. If you’re using a WordPress website, you have a database that controls virtually all of the content of your site.

This meas managing and (occasionally) restorting a database is something you must know how to do.

A database restoration is an easy way to recover your website if compromised. Be sure to check out our full guides:

How to Restore a Post or Page From Trash in WordPress

Did you accidentally delete a page or post from your WordPress Dashboard. That’s OK. It’s easy to restore these from the trash.

When you delete a post or page, it goes into your trash bin and stays there until the trash is emptied. However, once the trash has been emptied, it’s impossible to get it back unless you restore a database backup (as explained above).

Website Files

All of your website files will be included in your cPanel backup. Make sure to select a full cPanel backup or Home directory backup.

Home Directory backup
This will backup all of the files in your “Home” directory.
Full cPanel backup
This option will effectively backup your entire cPanel account. You could use this option to transfer your cPanel account (if necessary).

Learn more about this topic by following our full guide on full and partial cPanel backups.

You can use these backup tools to restore those files you will need to make your website run properly.

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    1. Hi Janet, yes you can! It depends on how you made the backup, though. If you’re making a cPanel backup from within cPanel itself, you’ll likely need to download the database separately, as covered in this article under “Retrieve a Standard Database Backup in cPanel” or “Create a custom Database Backup in PHPMyAdmin”. If you made the backup in WHM, you may be able to retrieve the backup files from the directory itself (usually /var/lib/mysql). If you made your backup using InMotion Hosting’s Backup Manager, follow our database restoration guide. Hope that helps!

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