How to make an Image a Link

Any image can be a hyperlink to another webpage or another website alltogether. This will allow your website’s visitors to click on an image and go to a different webpage automatically. We will start using the same code as we did in the previous tutorial and build on it in this example:

<img src=”Images/image.jpg” align=”middle” width=”250″ height=”320″ />

Now we will make it a link.  The basic tag to make something an active hyperlink is <a href=”___”>object/text to be linked</a>.  This looks very foreign to new website designers, since href is not a “word” that most people have seen before, but it is used whenever you want to create a link on your website.  As with other tags, make sure that you close the <a href> tag with the </a> at the end or the hyperlink will never end.  For images, you will simply put the hyperlink tag before and after your image code:

<a href=”morepictures.html”><img src=”Images/image.jpg” align=”middle” width=”250″ height=”320″ /></a>

The link above will make the image (image.jpg) a hyperlink to the page morepictures.html on your website.

If you missed our previous article, please see the Changing the Size of an Image tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Inserting Images into a Website

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