Changing the Size of an Image

Sometimes you may need to change the size of an image on your webpage so to better format it on the page. This is easily accomplished using the attributes associated with the <img src> tag. Changing the height and width of the image in the tag will not automatically resize the image proportionally. It is up to the person writing the code to determine the ratio to adjust the picture so it does not distort it. Also, this method of changing the picture size does not change the actual file size of the image.

We will start with our code from the last section:

<img src=”Images/image.jpg” align=”middle”>

To change the width and height of the image, you will need to use the width and height tags:

  • width=”___”
  • height=”___”

Now we will insert the tags into our code, putting in the width and height that we want the image to be (in pixels):

<img src=”Images/image.jpg” align=”middle” width=”250″ height=”320″>

Remember that any time you add an attribute, make sure you use quotation marks around the value or it will not work properly. Also, the order of the attributes does not matter, you can also use:

<img src=”Images/image.jpg” width=”250″ height=”320″align=”middle”>

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