How to Create a Website For a Real Estate Agency

Building a site for a Real Estate agency is no small task. But we’ve tried hard to reduce friction and make the process as fast and easy as possible. With BoldGrid, you can build a beautiful site quickly without sacrificing quality. In this article, we’ve covered everything you’ll need to get going right away from Inspiration to Final Product.

Getting Inspiration

An important part of every creative process involves inspiration: generating ideas and integrating them into a process. With BoldGrid, the Inspiration process is built right into the system. So creating a beautiful website to industry standards can be accomplished a in a few clicks.

We’ve even included starter content to show you exactly what your site can look when you’re done. (Make sure to update the starter content with your own branding material. Tout your rep!)

From a fresh installation, here’s all you need to do get your Inspirations going:

  1. From the admin Dashboard click Inspirations
  2. Select Real Estate under the Category Filter
  3. Choose a theme

That’s it! Remember, after you’ve chosen a theme, the layout, colors, fonts, and more are able to be customized further.

Making Your Visitors Feel At Home

When creating a website for a real estate agency, the look should invite a warm feeling. You’ll want your visitors to feel welcome and confident in your company’s services.

The Importance of Using Color and Font Appropriately

Colors and fonts have the power to make significant emotional appeals to your visitors. You’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing fonts and color that enhance (rather than detract from) your message.

So now you should have an idea about why you must use page elements strategically. But how do you do it? This is the fun part.

How to Customize Your Site

Everything you need to make your site beautiful can be accomplished in the Customizer. Once you’ve complete the Inspiration process, you may have noticed a direct link to the Customizer section. If you skipped that, no worries, just click Customize in your admin area.

For starters, these options will quickly have your site looking the exact the way you want them to. But there is virtually no limit to the combinations and options available as you travel deeper into the Customizer.

Backup Your Site

Every site needs regular backups as part of a security routine. Having regular backups taken of your site ensures you always have a copy to roll back to in case of trouble. After putting in months (or even years) into a site, you don’t want your work wiped out in one catastrophe. This is why backups are necessary.

For keeping regular backups of your site we suggest using the Total Upkeep plugin that comes with your installation.

Advanced Options For Further Extension

No site is complete without continuing strategy for improvement and optimization. Your needs today will not always meet the exact needs of tomorrow. This is why we’ve featured advanced configuration options within the BoldGrid suite of plugins.

Under Customizer → Advanced, you have the option to add to custom CSS and JavaScript to your site. The code added here can augment your site and will retain these changes through various updates down the road. While this area is non-destructive to your site, the code you add here can greatly change the way your site functions, so proceed with caution.

Contact Forms

BoldGrid comes with WPForms, a favorite plugin option for WordPress users. After going through the Inspirations process, you have a ready-made contact form available to field requests from potential clients. You can also set up custom forms for feedback.

Launch Your Site

How do you know when your site is ready to launch? This question may not always come with an easy answer. But, at some point, you need to get the site off the ground so you can iterate further. Remember, you can easily set up contact forms so your users may submit feedback.

However you choose to update the site as your needs change, the importance of starting from a solid place can’t be overstated. Your new site is built with BoldGrid on a WordPress foundation. This means your site is using the most popular and widely developed web framework available. So you’re in good hands. And, as always, be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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