Clear Grav Cache

Grav includes built-in caching configured in the user/config/system.yaml file and stored in /cache folder. Below we cover how to clear the Grav site cache using the Admin plugin and SSH.

Admin Plugin SSH

Admin Plugin

  1. Log into Grav.
  2. Select Clear Cache in the upper-right.
    Grav dashboard

    Select the arrow to only clear Assets, Images, Cache, or Tmp cache.


  1. Login SSH.
  2. Type cd [path-to-grav-folder] to navigate to your Grav directory.
  3. Type bin/grav clear-cache to clear the cache.
         Clearing cache     
    Cleared: /home/[path-to-grav]/cache/twig/* Cleared: /home/[path-to-grav]/cache/doctrine/* Cleared: /home/[path-to-grav]/cache/compiled/* Cleared: /home/[path-to-grav]/images/*
    Touched: /home/[pathtograv]/user/config/system.yaml

    Other options to add after the command include:
    –assets-only for CSS and Jquery
    –cache-only for core changes

  4. Check your website in a web browser. You may stiil need to clear your browser cache.

Learn more about Grav in our Support Center.

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