Emergency FileSystem Maintenance on ld143

Issue:Emergency Filesystem Maintenance on ld143
Status:Our Systems team is having to perform emergency filesystem maintenance on ld143.
Who is impacted? Users on the ld143 server. This will affect all services (email, websites, database access)
You can find what server you are on here.
Estimated time until resolution:We currently have no specific ETA, but expect the recovery to be completed later this afternoon.

Update (2:47PM EDT)

All services on server ld143 have been restored.

Update (12:35PM EDT)

We apologize for the delay. A fsck (file system check) is running on the hard drive of the server. This process checks the hard drive for filesystem errors and is necessary to ensure there is no data-loss.

Unfortunately there is no ETA at the moment due to the nature of how the hard drive estimates the checking of all the files on the system. We will continue to update this article as soon as we have more info to share.

6 thoughts on “Emergency FileSystem Maintenance on ld143

    1. Hello Mark,

      It looks like I am able to pull up your website. I also see some successful mail logins from about 12 minutes ago for your domain.

      If you continue to have issues, please contact live support so that we can directly assist you.

      – Jacob

  1. I am on a different server.  Yesterday I had trouble receiving and sending email on my domain and today I can’t get into the control panel.

  2. None of our links are working properly since your update.  My Events on the home page are outdated.  I checked the events folder, and all of the data for the current events is there, but it is not reflected on the website. I have had customers contact me today that are unable to navigate the website. Please advise ASAP

    1. Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for your question. We are happy to assist you, but will need some additional information, such as a link to the site.

      If you don’t want to post it here in the public forum, you can submit a ticket request to Live Tech Support.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
      Thank you,


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