Introduction to the Total Upkeep Plugin

text One of most useful utilities provided by BoldGrid is the Total Upkeep plugin. The plugin allows you to make scheduled or unscheduled backups of your WordPress site. You can also use the plugin to securely move and restore your WordPress site with ease. Total Upkeep is a plugin made to work with the BoldGrid suite of website creation plugins for WordPress. However, it can also operate as a competent backup utility for WordPress on its own. The Total Upkeep plugin is free, but it has a premium extension that opens up more features for the backup.

What are the main differences between the Free Total Upkeep Plugin and the Premium Extension?

All of the features that you get in the free Total Upkeep plugin are available when you extend the plugin with the premium extension. The main differences are additional features and the ability to save your backups to remote servers. The table below shows the main features of the Total Upkeep plugin and the main options that you would get using the Premium Extension.

Feature Total Upkeep Plugin- Free Premium Extension
Complete WordPress backups at any time x x
Scheduled backups with Cron or WP Cron x x
Preflight Check x x
Archive option and Ability to retain a specific number of backups x x
Auto Updates and Rollback x x
Notifications by email x x
Backup on Web Server or FTP x x
Custom Files and Folder Backup x x
Custom Database Backup x x
Download and Restore Backup x x
Auto rollback to version of WordPress before update x x
Option to see files and folders in backup x x
Amazon S3 for remote server backups x
One-click individual file restorations x
History of Changes to the WordPress site x
Determine recently modified files x

How to get the Total Upkeep Plugin

Obtaining the Total Upkeep Plugin is a quick and easy process The free plugin can be downloaded from the BoldGrid Plugins Menu. Follow the instructions below to install and then use the program.

  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard
  2. Go to the Plugins section in the menu at left. Click on Add New.
  3. In the title at the top of the window you should see Add New and then a button labeled Upload Plugin. Click on Upload Plugin.
  4. Browse to the downloaded Total Upkeep Plugin zip file and select it.
  5. Click on the Install Now button.
  6. The plugin will automatically install. When it is completed you will see a button labeled Activate. Click on the button labeled Activate to complete the installation.

The Total Upkeep plugin installation will add a menu item in your WordPress menu labeled Total Upkeep.

How to Create a Fast, Secure Backup using the Total Upkeep plugin

Total Upkeep allows you to backup your WordPress site any point. When you first start using the plugin, it will give you several warnings. Make sure that you are aware that the backup files will require space where you decide to save the backup. Additionally, the backup process does require the use of your server CPU and memory resources. Make sure that you run the backup during off-peak hours when your customers are not busy on your website. Remember: the bigger the website, the longer the backup. Make sure to allow for appropriate time, or at least provide notice to your clients so they are aware of the backup process period.

In order to run an unscheduled backup using the Total Upkeep plugin, follow these directions:

  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard
  2. Click on the Total Upkeep option in the WordPress menu.
  3. Click on Preflight Check. This option will check to make sure that you are able to make backup. If the preflight uncovers a problem that prevents you from making a backup, you may need to speak with host’s technical support team to resolve the issue before you can continue.
  4. Click on the button labeled Backup.

The Total Upkeep plugin is a great utility that can help provide a quick, secure and simple way to make a backup of your WordPress site. You have learned the difference between the free and premium versions, how to obtain the plugin, how to install it and how to make a simple backup. For further information on how to utilize the Total Upkeep program please see our additional tutorials.

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