Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin for WordPress

In this article, we will teach you how to install, configure, and implement the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin to add an FAQ section to your WordPress site.

Before beginning, be sure that you are logged into your WordPress admin dashboard.

What is the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin for WordPress?

The Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin is something that you may used to generate a good FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your users. The Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin allows you to start a new FAQ quite easily within your WordPress site and maintain it with simplicity.

Installing the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin for WordPress

Installation of the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin is just as simple as any other WordPress plugin. As WordPress has it within their plugins database, you may install it within seconds directly from your WordPress dashboard. Within your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins the left side, then Add New on the top. From here, WordPress will allow you to search for the plugin that you want to install. A search for “Q and A Focus Plus FAQ” should show the plugin that you are looking for within the first result.

Once you have found Q and A Focus Plus FAQ, click on Install Now. The automated plugin installer in WordPress will then complete the installation for you. From here, just click on Activate Plugin to activate it. You’re now ready to continue setting it up in the next step.

Setting up the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ for WordPress

To set up Q and A Focus Plus FAQ, click on Settings, then on Q & A Focus Plus FAQ. This will take you to the setup page. When first setting up the plugin, you will be notified that the default FAQ homepage doe snot yet exist. If you have no already created a specific page for the FAQ, click on Create Page. It should then notify you that the page has been created.

Most of the settings there will be appropriate for a typical FAQ, feel free to experiment with some of them depending on your individual needs such as blending with a linght or dark theme, showing categories, and other various options.

Adding new FAQs

Adding new FAQs in Q and A Focus Plus FAQ is quite easy. Now that the plugin is ready to go, you should see a new menu option to the left of your WordPress dashboard labeled FAQs. Here, you will be able to add as many FAQs as you want as well as categorize them if needed.

To add a new question, just click Add New upat the top of the page. Next you will be confronted with a very familiar interface. Here, you will enter your question at the top, and your answer within the content field. If you want to, you may also add tags and categories to better sort your questions. Once you’re done adding all fo the content, click on Publish. Your FAQ question will then be complere and live on your WordPress site.

Viewing your new FAQ within your WordPress site

Now that you have Q and A Focus Plus FAQ installed as well as have a few questions created, you should now see it live on your site under the page name that you previously defined within your settings. From here, your users can see all of the questions you have published and when clicking on each one of them, can see the comments as well. You’re now off to a good start in integrating a full FAQ to your WordPress site using the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin.

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