What Are the Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Owners?

WordPress is a great content management system, or CMS, to build your website with. But sometimes, you might wish to get more out of your website, from efficiency (like security scanning) to productivity (like SEO alerts as you write new content). Using WordPress for your business website gives you the ability to use plugins. These are small add-ons you can easily click-and-go to install, that provide enhancements to your site’s functionality. There‘s a ton to choose from, but the following are some of the best WordPress plugins for small business owners. 

Yoast SEO – Even if you’re not an SEO expert, you’ll feel like one with this plugin. As you prepare new content for a page, Yoast SEO analyzes it in real-time, giving you an instant report on where you can make improvements for better SEO results. It automatically checks for keyword density, readability, internal links, formatting and more. 

WP Forms – Creating forms can be a hassle, but they’re generally an essential part of your website. Make the process of creating one quick and easy with WP Forms. Use the familiar drag-and-drop method to create any kind of form, such as set up surveys, contact us forms or product order forms in minutes. 

WooCommerce – If you’re selling products and services directly through your small business website, you need a reliable ecommerce solution. WooCommerce gives you the flexibility to customize every part of the process, and your customers the flexibility to use almost any payment platform. Small business owners also get access to a robust ecommerce reporting and analytics tools.

MemberPress – If you want to enable members-only areas of your website, MemberPress is a reliable way to maintain tight control over certain content and prevent it from being seen by non-membership website visitors. The plugin gives you the power to create tiered membership levels for maximum small business flexibility.

WPReview – Naturally, after the sale, you can use positive customer feedback to drive new sales. WIth WPReview, you make it easy for buyers or clients to rate your services or products. In addition, this plugin can help ensure these reviews get picked up by Google to help drive traffic your way.

Sucuri – Hackers are nothing if not persistent. And if they ever manage to break into your website, the results can be disastrous. Reduce the chances of that happening with Sucuri. This plugin offers small business owners 24/7 real-time monitoring and a website firewall for peace of mind against unauthorized access to your website.

BackupBuddy – No matter how good your website security practices are, it’s always a possibility that one day, the hackers will win; or perhaps there’s a catastrophic hardware failure and a server goes down at your website hosting company because of a natural disaster. In these cases, you’ll be glad you have a backup of your website to get everything up and running quickly. BackupBuddy automates the backup process so you’ll always be prepared. 

If you’re using WordPress for a business website, choosing the best WordPress plugins can make it not only easier to set up and run your website, but the functionalities can help achieve your business goals. Learn more about our Managed WordPress Hosting today!

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