4 Plugins To Add a Favicon To WordPress

Favicons are the small iconic images seen next to a website’s name in the browser tab. They are an important part of the web browsing experience because they attach a symbol to your website — allowing end-users to quickly recognize your site as they browse. Favicons are also present in browser bookmark lists, feed aggregators, touch icons, and more.  

To add a Favicon to your site and create another layer of brand recognition, check out the plugins below. This article will highlight four plugins that will allow you to easily add a Favicon to your website.

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RealFavicon Generator

Favicon by RealFavicon Generator is a free plugin that allows you to upload and create a favicon for all browsers and screen sizes. The plugin gives you style guidelines and allows you to assign separate versions of the favicon to different browsers and devices. This functionality gives you control over the style and quality of the favicon and your website branding.  For plugins listed in the WordPress directory, you can install and activate them directly from your Admin Panel.

All In One Favicon

All In One Favicon is another free plugin that will allow you to add a favicon to your site. This plugin gives you the ability to upload and assign different favicons to your website and Admin Panel. In addition, the plugin supports GIF uploads, allowing you to assign animated favicons.

Fresh Favicon

Fresh Favicon will generate 20 browser and device specific favicons from one image (or multiple) uploaded through the plugin. It will also generate .ico and config files from the images created. Intelligent caching is an additional feature of this plugin, which forces browsers to refresh the favicons when new images are uploaded and saved. This plugin is $21.

TWI Scrollbar, Scrollup & Favicon (3 in 1)

If you’re also interested in customizing your scrollbar and scrollup features, TWI Scrollball, Scrollup and Favicon (3 in 1) could work for you. Concerning the favicon functionality, the plugin gives you the ability to upload and assign favicons for a few browsers and devices, like Chrome for Andriod and a touch icon for iOS. You can also assign separate favicons for WooCommerce product pages. This plugin is $10, which includes 6 months of support.

Try one of the 4 plugin options to easily add a favicon to your site and increase website recognition. For more WordPress knowledge and information, check out our WordPress education page.

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