Finding a new theme online

While WordPress comes with hundreds of themes available to be automatically installed through the Dashboard, you may not be able to find one that meets your needs perfectly.  With thousands of themes available online, to help you get started below we have outlined how to find more WordPress themes online.

What types of themes are available online?

There are two main types of themes available fro you to use:  free and paid.  We recommend looking into the free themes first since there’s no point in paying for a theme if you can find a free one that you like.  Many free themes will have a line at the bottom of your theme giving credit to the person that made it, but beyond that you can fully customize them.  If you purchase a theme, some sites will sell a theme by itself while at other sites you will pay a yearly fee to have full access to their themes.

Where do I find themes online?

Many websites offer WordPress themes and a simple Google search returns millions of links to websites for WordPress themes .  To help you get started, below we have outlined some of the more popular theme sites.  These sites are not affiliated with InMotion Hosting but are commonly used by WordPress users:

Free Themes

Paid Themes

Once you have downloaded the theme you want to use, you will need to install the theme. Most themes will contain documentation on how to manually install the theme and any plugins the theme may require you to install.

Please check the next article on Installing a WordPress Theme from the Internet. If you missed our previous article, please see the Installing a new theme in the WordPress Dashboard tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Installing a Theme.

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